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I will be watching old reruns of Bonanza for the rest of my life on the 2 local stations I can get with the box. My PBS station in Phoenix shows a map on their website of how far their digital broadcast will go. I'm about 60 miles north of it.

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Jamie, hi my name is Mary from Tenn. I read your post and wanted to ask you what kind of antenna did you purchase? I tried to connect our converter box to our big tv. I did get our bdroom tv. I know that I need a better antenna but don't know which one to buy. Thank you for your information on this. I just had a quesion about the channels.

I have three children and I was wondering are there any channels for kids. My kids dont watch alot but I want them to have something. Thanks Wanda. What do you think about getting these for a really old TV set? Both my TVs -- one of them a hand-me-down and one a tiny portable bought for the office, to watch the antics of a controversial governor who kept everyone entertained until he was impeached many, many years ago -- are pretty decrepit. The big one, a gigantic tube that I can't move by myself and so will need to get a male to come in and help attach the box, no longer communicates with the remote and will not connect with ANY universal remote.

If I get a box within 90 days, that's August. Broadcast analog TV goes extinct next February. If one or both of the dinosaurs dies between August and February, the box is just so much wasted money.

To say nothing of adding a dust-catcher for me to have to clean. But maybe it would be more cost-effective to just go ahead and buy a new TV now? I feel in a quandary about this. My TV is big and heavy and maybe 8 years old, but since I don't watch that much, it's in great shape and still has a lot of life left in it. I couldn't justify throwing it out and buying and expensive new one. Your remote problem would be partially solved since you use the converter box remote for all the channel and even volume functions.

I just bought the converter for my parents from Walmarts and the antenna is old. They say they are not getting very many channels and they hate that they have two remotes. The converter remote has to be turned on with the converter remote and also it controls the channels. How did you get the one remote to work. I need to do this for them, plus what kind of antenna did you buy so they can get more channels Thanks Nancy.

Did you ever get an answer on this? I have been searching everywhere for an answer to the same question as you My mother in law is 83, and is confused with the two remotes -- one for turning on the TV and doing the volume and the other for changing channels. The paperwork with the converter box said that you can program a universal remote to do everything, but when I went to Radio Shack the guy there said the remote that came with the converter box can be programmed to operate the TV, too.

I really need to set her up with one remote. If you have a solution, I would really appreciate the info. I am having the same problem. My Dad is 83 also and he has a problem with one remote let alone two! I thought the remote for the converter box would be able to be programmed to operate the tv also but it doesn't have that option. Please let me know if you find a universal remote. Have you found a remote that works both the TV and the converter box? I have elderly parents who are struggling with having two remotes and not knowing which remote turns on, which changes channels, which changes volume Too many buttons for them Please help.

If you can still watch those TV's it is definitely worth it to to put converter boxes on them. It takes time for your coupons to arrive after you order them and they expire 90 days after issuance. However, the boxes receive clear static free digital signals. Only buy a new TV if you genuinely want a new TV.

However if you are satisfied with the TV you currently receive and do not want to pony up the cost of a new one then you should definitely get the converter box. The only exception would be for hand held battery operated sets. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there are no converter boxes for these and all converter boxes I've seen require electricity and are about the size of a small DVD player. That means you will need to buy a new battery operated portable TV after the digital conversion.

Rules to Implement and Administer a Coupon Program for Digital-to-Analog Converter Boxes

I hope someone will see an entrepeneural opportunity and offer walkman sized converter boxes that run off AA or perhaps even C or D batteries so we can watch TV in parks, in Doctor's offices with no provided TV or at home during power outages such as the hurricane IKE windstorm here in Ohio. We just recently received our two coupons and bought our first converter box today -- the Digital Stream DTX We're just thrilled with the results and have had the same experience as Jamie.

We bought ours at Radio Shack, which was the only local option for us. We plan to use our second coupon to buy one for our other TV that's about 30 years old, but still going strong. I'm so glad I won't have to buy a whole new TV when analog disappears! Always getting up to move the antenna, you cant even watch a whole show without missing half the conversation. Wait til its cloudy or rainy outstide and you can watch 1 whole channel if yer lucky!. Or after you buy a booster antenna and it works good for 3 months and then yer back to 1 channel and this whole digital crap is just that CRAP.

They pick up a few different channels and work differently. Most noticeably the DS picks up 2 more stations and has a higher quality remote.

The Zenith has better looking menus and has a few nicer functions the previous channel button brings you back to the last channel and brings up a menu of the last 5 allowing you to jump around quickly. The Zenith has poor volume only control for the box volume control while the DS has buttons to control both the TV volume and the box volume.

The EPG tv guide on the zenith only shows the current and next show while the DS has several hours listed. While that is important the EPG is usually wrong, under the current daylight savings time everything is off 1 hour and not all channels use the EPG, some channels only have EPG during the day and not at night.

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When people ask which they should buy I usually suggest one different than I have so we can trade the boxes amongst friends if we find ones that work better in our houses. Especially since I have friends who are buying them but don't need them. I understand from others that you can change the "channels" with the boxes remote however you must use your TV"s remote to change the volume.

Is there a "one" unit that I can purchase that changes both volume an channels" Thanks,. If you have an analog TV and are receiving over-the-air broadcasts via an antenna you need to take action to continue to receive broadcast signals after Feb. Your television is more likely to have a digital tuner, also called an ATSC tuner, if it is a inch or larger TV purchased since To confirm that your TV is digital, you should check the instruction manual for a statement that the TV has a digital tuner.

This was taken from a VERY good article at consumerreports.

Digital to Analog TV Converter Box Coupon Program

See the full text here. One of the boxes is a RCA built unit, and the other is Magnavox. After a couple of days of testing the Magnavox one went back as it just wasn't as effective at tuning in the channels, as well as the remote that came with it not controlling the volume on the TV. The RCA one, however, was great. It controlled the power on the TV and the converter box, had great reception, nicely designed menus, and a program guide to boot.

After returning the magnavox one, we got a second RCA one.

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Can you help me? Can you share the code list with me? Still waiting for my coupons and thanks to you all, I know what not to buy. Hope there are a few of the good ones left by the time my coupons come, ha-ha. I understand that there are some in existence, but that they are ineligible for the coupon discount.