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These are the areas responsible for regrowth. Multiple treatments are required to achieve sufficient reduction in hair growth because each hair goes through three growth phases anagen, catagen, telogen. The hair follicle can only be disabled during the anagen phase. Each hair passes through these growth phases at different times, thus multiple treatments are required. Depending on your individual hair type and the area being treated, treatments will be spaced out between 4 and 12 weeks apart.

Laser hair removal for effective long term hair reduction is largely replacing temporary methods such as waxing and shaving. Electrolysis, though popular for effective long term hair removal, is a tedious and invasive process, which causes discomfort and a topical anaesthetic may be required in some cases.

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Individual hairs are treated by heat or chemical energy, so it is a slow process by which only small areas can be treated at a time. Though the results of electrolysis are effective long term, scarring and change in pigmentation may occur as an after-effect. A study conducted in Turkey in the year showed that laser hair treatment was sixty times faster, less painful and more reliable than electrolysis. For successful and effective long term hair reduction, the terminal hair follicles should be disabled completely preventing further hair growth. Alternatively they can be reduced to thin vellus hairs which do not pose a cosmetic problem.

The growth of hair in our body occurs in recurring cycles in a mosaic pattern. At any point of time, the hair follicles are in one of three stages called Anagen, Catagen or Telogen.

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Anagen is the active growth stage with melanin pigment; Catagen is the stage wherein the hair neither grows nor falls off and Telogen involves the shedding of hair. Laser hair therapy targets the active hair follicles in the Anagen stage. All the hair follicles in a specific area of the skin need to undergo laser hair treatment several times before the hair growth stops entirely.

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Melanin is a dark pigment occurring naturally in the skin and is responsible for the colour of skin and hair. The laser targets the dark melanin in the hair follicle without affecting the skin.

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Melanin absorbs the laser energy with great speed and intensity. The light energy is converted to heat energy which destroys the hair follicle. The laser light removes only black or brown hairs due to the selective absorption of its photons. Earlier, only dark hairs on fair or brown skin could be removed efficiently by laser but present day equipment are able to work on dark hairs in dark-skinned persons too. Not all lasers are able to be used on dark skin types; however, the long wavelength lasers like Coolglide NdYag at Palm Clinic are most suited. Coolglide is used particularly for darker skin types because the long wavelength is safer in this situation.

We will often use a combination of Coolglide and Elos Aurora for maximum results. There are many other types of lasers which are used in laser hair removal clinics. Diode Laser is a source of bright light for hair removal.

In this treatment, high power is used which can be painful. Alexandrite laser is a short wavelength laser like the ruby laser. This laser is highly absorbed by melanin and delivers more energy to the light and fine hairs. But excessive absorption by melanin may lead to blistering and Alexandrite lasers are not generally suitable for darker skin types.

Coolglide laser can remove hair from all parts of the body including sensitive areas like the nipples and bikini line. The cooling head of the laser enhances safety and comfort as it glides along the skin. Less painful than most other hair removal treatments. Safe procedure with least damage to the skin.

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No local anaesthetic is used but in certain cases, some patients may opt for a topical anaesthetic for hair removal in sensitive areas. Well the cost of laser hair removal at our advanced laser hair removal clinic, is the same cost as waxing or threading. So why not give it a try. I gaurantee you will be amazed with the results. We only remove hair and thats why we do it better than anyone else.

We don't do your nails, we don't give facials and we don't sell expensive moisturisers. We use the best hair removal lasers available on the market today, providing the safest and most effective hair removal possible, across all skin types. We always go out of our way to make sure you will look and feel your best. That way we know you will tell your friends about us and thats why we have been in business for so long. The answer to this question most certainly depends on your skin and hair type.