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Your non-gf loves will enjoy it there, too, because of the great dishes and outstanding beer menu. I take ALL picky people to Ubeer because everyone will get delicious food and great service in a homey, beautifully traditional wooden pub atmosphere. For the commenter above asking about Dr.

They are knowledgable about cc and even the cupcakes are GF! Separate fryer for fries and GF bun options for everything. Highly recommend them! They have a GF crust that they can make with any of their regular pizza toppings I usually get smoky the bandit. The first time I found out about the crust I asked some questions about CC and I was satisfied with the answers however, I would always encourage someone to ask for yourself before just taking my word for it. They told me they use a clean cutter for all GF pizzas.

Their gluten free menu looks pretty good! Have you ever been to or do you know anything about Jackson Grill on the south side? Ate there before being diagnosed and the food is excellent. Would like to go back. But after reading about them and checking out the menu… now I want to go! Come back and let us know!

The waitress was knowledgable and after I asked her questions the woman at the table next to me informed me she is GF and eats there all the time. I had a great experience and the food is always amazing there used to eat there before diagnosis. And the food is fabulous. They have a few soups and salad dressings that would be a risk but the menu is pretty simple. I see Chipotle on your list. Which location do you go to? Because I will be going.. And also at the one by Mayfair. It has always worked well and they are happy to do it. Has anyone tried Dr. Dawg on Port Washington Road in Glendale?

I was doing some investigating since I have seminar near there next week. I called and the gal was super nice.

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She happily rattled off GF: Hamburger buns, hot dog buns, burgers, brats, dogs, italians, kolby beef and salami. She said they are awesome, home made, soaked in water and deep fried in dedicated fryer. I will see if they have a seperate GF menu. Made my day! Rose and her brother are very familiar with GF. I bring my own GF soy sauce and have never had a reaction. Chicken and shrimp is safe. Pork and beef is marinated in regular soy sauce. And nothing deep fried is safe. They have great Saturday lunch plates. Be leary of the GF menu. Sarah — I am so happy my friends saw your great write up in the Cue Food section.

I have celiac disease.. Easter will be 3 yrs. You have a restaurant listed that you have NOT tried. I have, love the place and the people, but last 3 visits my GF dinner left me sick.

Alphabetical Listing of Milwaukee Area Vegan-Friendly Restaurants - Vegan Milwaukee

Last lunch I ended up in the ER. Thanks for stopping by, so glad you found me! Just ate at Casa Di Gorgio in Franklin yesterday.

Great pasta dish. However was not impressed with their pizza.

I am not sure about Wauwatosa, though. I am also not sure about the fryer situation, but they do have gluten free bread for burgers and sandwiches. El Fuego on Layton by the airport has a gluten free menu. They do note on their menu that their cheese is not gluten free. Kil wat does not have a gluten free menu, but will work with you. Thanks for letting me know. Downtown has a dedicated fryer.

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They totally work with you to subsitute whatever you want. Their menu changes often enough, too, kind of like Tess. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Menu Skip to content. Gluten Free in La Crosse, WI Hackberry Bistro above the food co-op cute bistro, perfect for breakfast or lunch, fresh made bread for toast and sandwiches, pan potatoes, pancakes. Like this: Like Loading Hope to talk more. Thanks so much, Jennifer. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by, so glad you found me!

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